How to replace disks on Synology

In this short tutorial I will show you how to replace the disks on your Synology NAS and what you need to pay attention to. My Synology is a DS918+ and actually has installed three WD Red with each 6 TB of space. The problem is that two of them have a “power-on time” of >40’000 hours. That means, that they [...]


Ethermine vs. Nanopool profitability

Ethermine and Nanopool are two of the biggest mining pools for Ethereum. But which one is the profitablest? Some days ago I startet a comparison and now I want share the result with you. Configuration For the comparison I have used four rigs: two mining on Ethermine and two mining on Nanopool. They all have the same hardware and software [...]

Programming Languages

How to activate/deactivate a hue sensor automatically with a scheduled task on Synology

Last week I bought some philips hue bulbs and LED strips to automate the lights at home. For motion detection I also bought the hue sensor to automatically turn on/off the lights when I go in my bedroom or when I stand up in the night to go to the wc. I have configured the sensor, that it turns the lights on and off automatically after 3 [...]

IT & Software

How to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 build if it is not showing under Windows Update


How to adjust the volume for voice navigation in Maps with CarPlay

Mobile Apps

How to create an iOS App and publish it on the App Store