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Get a notification when Netatmo loses the internet connection

Sometimes my Netatmo station doesn’t send data to the cloud and unfortunately there is no notification. If you don’t open the app or the website manually you are not aware of this issue and you have data loss / not a complete history.

To get a notification when the Netatmo station loses the internet connection I have a found a relativ simple solution (until Netatmo build this feature in their app, hopefully).


  • Netatmo Account (probably you have alredy one)
  • Google Account (is free)


I found this project on Github. Please follow the install instructions as describe here:


After the installation you should have something like this in your Google Apps Script Console:


To run the script periodically we need to set up a trigger like this. The time interval can be changed accordingly to your needs:


To monitor your script to check if it is working correctly you can open the “My Executions” page and check the “Status” column:


A test notification (email) looks like this:

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