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How to create an iOS App and publish it on the App Store

I’m proud to present my first App that I have made for iOS. It is a reskin of the “unblock me” strategic game. The app is named “Gian’s Jewels” and consists helping Gian, a swiss ibex, to get the purple jewel.

The game

In this beautiful game you will improve your logical and problem-solving skills. This puzzle game has hundreds of levels. Suited for kids 8 and above.

You can get it here, enjoy it!


How to play

  • Touch and slide a jewel to move it. The goal is to get the purple jewel out of the board, You need to move other jewels to clear the path.
  • Horizontal jewels (including the purple jewel) can only move horizontally.
  • Vertical blocks can only move vertically.

How I did it

All the instructions that you need are available in a course on Udemy. You just only need to follow the instructions and get your app ready in 1 – 2 days. If you are interested, please take a look here “iOS 9 Reskinning: Create and Publish Unblock Me iOS game

If you are also interested in a more deep course how to code with Swift 2 and Xcode 7, I suggest you also this great course “The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course – Build 18 Apps“.

My name is Luca Costa, an enthusiastic system engineer. In this blog you will find articles about technolgy and more. Feel free to contact me!

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